This form is used to request FirstAlert for the internet.  Your account will be charged for all the options you check below.  If you If you are NOT a full-time remote trader and member of the remote office, you will be charged a one-time $50 administration fee.


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E-Mail addr:

Bright Sub-Acct #:

RediPlus Login ID:

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Please indicate the level of FirstAlert Service you would like:

Neovest IdeaLink ($110/mo) - an abridged version of FirstAlert without the following: custom filters, Bright Trading style tickers with the last 3 prices, spread charts. (

Neovest FirstAlert ($270/mo) - The same product as in the Bright offices, except it's driven by an internet feed instead of a broadcast satellite. (

Please check the exchanges you wish to have enabled:

NYSE ($26.50/mo fee)

NASDAQ Level 1&2 ($60/mo. fee )

AMEX ($29.70/mo. fee)

CME (for S&P futures) ($60/mo. fee)

NYMEX (for Oil & Gold futures) ($55/mo. fee)

CBOT (for Bonds) ($30/mo. fee)

OPRA (for options) ($15.25/mo. fee)

Windows NT or 2000 is required for FirstAlert.  Which one of these operating systems do you have?


By submitting this form, you agree to:
1. Have your Bright sub-account debited a $50 admin fee if you are NOT currently a full-time remote trader and member of remote office.
2. Have your Bright sub-account debited for the services and exchange fees listed above on a monthly basis with the first debit covering the current month and the first full month.
3. Notify Bright Trading by the 10th of the month if you wish to have FirstAlert discontinued before the beginning of the following month.

Do you understand this?